Brand Archetype Quiz

Brand Archetype Quiz
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 brand archetype quiz

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I’m SO sick of seeing crazy-talented ROCKSTARS trying to *fit in* just to sign clients…
…using all the right stock photos (and the best lighting filters)…
…saying all the same words that that the successful “boss ladies” are saying…
…spending waaaayyyy too much time in Canva designing picture perfect graphics…
…plus the website… there aren’t even enough words to describe what a monster that’s been…

And still… none of it really feels *right*…

Ready to hear WHY it’s not working?

Hey, l’m Brooke
I did #allthethings up there (and more) to try to convince people to work with me.

Until I realized WHY it didn’t work.

It felt wrong because I wasn’t being ME.

I ain’t no “boss lady” and I’ll never have the magical unicorn-like inspirational insta feed.

But once I realized I’m a complete ROCKSTAR at being unapologetically ME…

My peeps can catch me rocking the purple hair (and nose ring) I dreamed about for years, saying literally whatever I want on the internet, and booking dream clients on #ThirstyThursday in my FB group.

And call me selfish… but I believe that the internet has enough fake.

We need more REAL businesses with REAL passion and REAL individuality.

And it all started with discovering my Brand Archetype.

Brand Archetypes aren’t a “one size fits all” business strategy like other BS online…

Brand Archetypes allow us to USE our unique personalities as an insanely valuable strength so that:
ideal clients can get to know, trust, and fall in LOVE even faster because they feel connected to a real, authentic human instead of just more blah-worthy internet garbage
the copy, website, graphics, etc. attract the RIGHT kind of clients that share the same underlying beliefs and values and create powerful emotional connections with them
translates REAL authenticity into all aspects of our brands including websites, social media profiles, and marketing materials so they always look, sound, and *feel* exactly right
our unique voice comes through perfectly and ensure that our ideal clients immediately “get it” and are ready to open up their wallets and say YES on the spot
the strategies used always feel genuine and authentic to our mission so we never feel slimy or sleazy offering the mind-blowing services that change our clients’ lives.